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10 Must-Visit Sites and Resources for Restaurant Industry News

10 Must-Visit Sites and Resources for Restaurant Industry News

Running a successful restaurant is no piece of cake; it requires continuous adaptation, knowledge absorption, and innovation. In the digital age, restaurant blogs and websites have emerged as a valuable resource for staying updated on industry trends and gaining insights from experts. Whether you’re a seasoned restaurateur or just starting your culinary journey, these top 10 online platforms offer guidance, inspiration, and practical strategies to thrive in the competitive restaurant landscape.

Why Should You Explore Restaurant Resources?

Staying informed and adapting to change is crucial for success. These online resources provide a wealth of knowledge, covering a wide range of topics, including menu planning, marketing tactics, customer service, restaurant management, culinary trends, and more. They offer a variety of content formats such as articles, interviews, how-to guides, expert insights, and case studies, making them invaluable for anyone in the restaurant business.

Top 10 Resources 

  1. Nations Restaurant News

Nation’s Restaurant News (NRN) is the go-to source for the entire foodservice industry. It offers insights on technology, strategy, finance, marketing, menu trends, and franchising. NRN is a multiple award-winner and part of The Restaurant & Food Group by Informa Connect, providing content through various platforms, including their website, newsletters, events, podcasts, and print magazines. Whether you’re a restaurant chain or an emerging concept, NRN keeps you updated for business growth.

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2. Restaurant Dive 

Restaurant Dive offers deep insights into key news and trends shaping the restaurant industry. Covering consumer trends, tech, operations, and more, it’s a valuable resource for restaurant professionals. Operated by Industry Dive, it’s a trusted publication serving decision-makers in various industries, making it essential reading for those in the restaurant business.

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 3. Modern Restaurant Management (MRM)

Read Modern Restaurant Management (MRM) for a one-stop source of comprehensive restaurant industry coverage. With daily news updates, thought leadership, and a diverse range of topics, MRM is essential reading for restaurant professionals, from aspiring owners to franchise operators, offering valuable insights and a global perspective on the industry.

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4. Fast Casual

Read Fast Casual for up-to-the-minute coverage of critical developments, noteworthy events, emerging trends, and key figures within the rapidly expanding fast-casual restaurant industry. The publication’s expert team keeps you informed about the latest food and beverage trends, growth opportunities in prime markets, and innovative concepts. Their extensive content also spans franchising, operations, marketing, and technology, presented in various formats including articles, interviews, slideshows, videos, research, and more.

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5. Restaurant Business

Restaurant Business is a leading media brand in the commercial foodservice industry, specializing in entrepreneurship, innovation, and growth. Their blogs provide valuable insights into emerging trends, consumer preferences, purchasing strategies, and best practices for restaurant owners.

You should read their blogs if you’re a growth-minded restaurateur looking to capitalize on industry trends, discover new concepts, and stay updated on legislative changes and economic developments. Restaurant Business delivers the right blend of inspiration and business tools to help you enhance your restaurant’s success and profitability.

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6. Eater

Eater is a renowned digital media brand focused on the world of food and dining. Their diverse coverage spans national and city-specific sites, YouTube documentaries, and social channels. Eater provides a wide range of content, from city dining guides and cultural explorations of food to in-depth industry investigations and practical cooking advice.

Read Eater for a comprehensive view of the food and dining world, delivered by a team of expert writers, editors, producers, and contributors. Eater’s rich history in food journalism, along with numerous awards, underscores its status as a must-read source for culinary enthusiasts and industry professionals.

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7. The Tasting Table

Tasting Table, a dedicated source for modern food and drink enthusiasts, offers blogs that are informative, practical, and engaging. With a monthly audience of 18 million visitors, they deliver expert-backed dining advice, recipes, and the latest food and restaurant news. 

Their blogs not only provide how-to guides but also explore the cultural context and history behind ingredients and cuisine. With recipes rigorously tested and edited by experts, Tasting Table ensures that their content is accessible to all skill levels, making it an essential read for anyone passionate about food and drinks.

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8. OpenTable

OpenTable  is committed to enhancing the restaurant dining experience. They empower restaurants of all sizes and help diners find and book the perfect table for every occasion. OpenTable’s blogs are essential reading for those interested in the restaurant industry and technology, as they lead the conversation with products designed to meet the evolving needs of both restaurants and diners. Their passion for hospitality shines through as they connect people with the restaurants they love in meaningful moments, making their blogs a valuable resource for all things dining-related.

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9. Food Safety News 

Food Safety News emerged as a response to dwindling resources for food, health, and safety journalism in the face of media consolidation. With daily original reports and contributed articles from industry leaders, Food Safety News offers critical insights into food safety.

Their reporting spans policy, politics, foodborne illness outbreaks, sustainability, science, and research. With a rapidly growing readership and a commitment to keeping the food supply safe, Food Safety News is a vital source for anyone concerned about food safety, from industry professionals to the general public.

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10. TipHaus

TipHaus is an innovative solution designed to streamline tip and wage distribution for the restaurant and hospitality industry. Our award-winning SaaS platform offers unmatched customization and user-friendliness, making it the ideal choice for managing tip sharing and pooling.

Read TipHaus’s blogs to remain well-informed about industry trends, restaurant news, and all things tip-related. Our blog content keeps you updated on tip-related developments and compliance, ensuring you are both receiving and distributing tips correctly. It’s an essential resource for anyone in the service industry looking to save time, money, and avoid headaches associated with tip management.

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