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TipHaus is the industry leader in automated tip calculations for restaurants. From small independent coffee shops to Full-Service national restaurant brands, TipHaus is able to save your restaurant an average of 20 hours and $1,000 per month.

TipHaus syncs directly with your POS to automatically bring in all sales, tip, and time and attendance data and then distributes tips to employees based on your restaurant’s existing needs. Whether you use tip sharing, tip pooling, or a complex combination, TipHaus can solve your restaurant’s tip needs.

Earned Tip Access™ is a first-of-its-kind, proprietary method for your employees to receive their tips the day they earned them, instantly, digitally, and for free.

With TipHaus and Earned Tip Access™, restaurant managers always have an accurate and up-to-date total they owe each employee in tips after all tip sharing and tip pooling have already been automatically calculated. With the click of a button, managers can pay their employees instantly into their bank accounts.

hausmoney™ is the first of its kind bank built for the service industry. Rest easy with FDIC coverage, hausmoney™ has all the needs of a modern bank and is combined with all the features service professionals want. Checking, Savings, automatic bill pay, financial wellness tools, and so much more.

Employees with hausmoney™ accounts are eligible for same-day Earned Tip Access™ transfer of tips.

When managers don’t have to perform manual data entry, everybody wins. 

  • Managers save an average of 20 hours per month
  • Employees are on the clock less – an average of 1 hour per employee per month. 
  • Legal liability is practically eliminated, no more class action wage lawsuits
  • Employee-manager conflict drops by 90%. 
  • Auto-reconciliation means you stop overpaying for refunded checks, missed clockouts, and everything in between. 

About 10% of what you save in your first month. No, really. The average TipHaus customer saves 20 hours and $1,000 dollars in their first month.

The majority of TipHaus customers pay $99 per month, per location, however, pricing depends on your POS provider and existing software, as each integration partner of TipHaus is eligible to charge different rates for their services.

When managers don’t have to perform manual data entry, everybody wins.

  • Managers save an average of 20 hours per month
  • Employees are on the clock less – an average of 1 hour per employee per month.
  • Legal liability is practically eliminated, no more class action wage lawsuits
  • Employee-manager conflict drops by 90%.
  • Auto-reconciliation means you stop overpaying for refunded checks, missed clockouts, and everything in between.

Of course! TipHaus was built to match your restaurant’s unique needs. You can edit or add a new tip policy in under 30 seconds. Want bartenders to tip out the bussers? Easy. Need the FoH to pool tips, and then tip out support staff? Done. Whatever tip procedures and logic you use, we can support it.

Mistakes happen, we get it. Simply adjust the tip policy to match its intended use, and then perform a 1-click resync. We will automatically recalculate every sale for the selected pay period and update the accurate tips accordingly!

Simply correct their job code in your POS. TipHaus scans for adjustments in historical data every 15 minutes to make sure your tips and payroll are always accurate, even when employee mistakes occur.

No, tips can only be modified in your existing POS. Transparency is paramount to TipHaus, and as such, managers and employees cannot edit or adjust their tip totals within TipHaus. Allowing this encourages error and fraud, the leading cause of class action lawsuits for restaurants.

Absolutely! TipHaus pioneered the first employee mobile app designed specifically to keep track of their tips, total takehome, and distributions for unparalleled transparency and financial planning.

Believe it or not, this is our most beloved employee feature, with 99% satisfaction in customer surveys!

Heck no! We believe in earning your business, every single month. If for any reason you aren’t satisfied with TipHaus, you can cancel anytime with no penalties or hidden fees. Here at TipHaus, we believe great products and customer service means you don’t need to kidnap your customers.

With a 99% customer retention rate, restaurants across North America seem to agree!

TipHaus pioneered Earned Tip Access™ – The world’s first and only automated way to calculate tips and pay your employees, instantly, automatically, and with no hidden fees or gimmicks.

TipHaus was built to be trusted. Within the manager dashboard, users can see every tip, every pool, and every distribution, down to the minute, and down to the ten thousandth of a penny!

Every single day, we help thousands of service professionals move tens of millions of dollars in tips, all error-free, and all automated so you don’t have to think about it!

TipHaus updates every 15 minutes for the majority of POS partners and sets of data. However, if you ever need faster data, or run a previous pay period’s data, you can always sync it with your POS with one click of your mouse!

Great question! TipHaus created Time of Sale™ distributions, a first-of-its-kind tip sharing and tip pooling methodology. In a nutshell, Time of Sale™ only shares tips with employees who were clocked in and working during each specific sale, allowing you to most fairly and effectively reward your staff working the busiest hours.

Online ordering is here to stay, and we have seen it all. We can customize tip structure for atypical order types to allow you to have full flexibility in every situation, and route orders through specific job codes to be able to treat certain sales and tips in unique manners.

When we say we are the most customizable and easy-to-use tip distribution platform in the world, we mean it!

You can set schedules, shifts, or any other form of daily segmentation individually by each location! With an easy-to-use scheduling tool, you can set specific tip-sharing rules and logic to take place only at certain times or on certain days. Great for brunches, private events, and more!

Of course! TipHaus is fully customizable and able to distribute to any employees who are clocked in and legally compliant depending on your state and local laws.

Yes, you can. We offer unlimited flexibility on how you want to personalize your tip structure, and you can adjust tip percentages, points, and weighted distributions for each rule and pool!

This was one of the first features built for TipHaus, and we handle it with a breeze! You can share and distribute these tips using pools to whoever and however you want with just a few clicks. Many of our customers across the country use TipHaus for this exact purpose!

Our Banquets and Teams functionality allows you to segment out specific sales or a group of sales that took place using atypical tip distribution settings. This means if you have a bartender who solely worked one large private event, it is up to you if you want the bartender to pool with everyone or only the people who worked the event.

Manual effort is a thing of the past. TipHaus automatically detects all your employees, their time and attendance, and all sales data. Initial onboarding and sync are done automatically and are usually completed in 15 minutes or less.

Earned Tip Access (ETA ™ ) is a program that enables restaurants the ability to pay out tip earnings to tip-earning employees, whenever they want.  When a restaurant signs up for the TipHaus ETA ™ Program, they are an establishment that feels their tip-earning employees deserve their tips to be available to them, fast.

First, you sign up!  As a restaurant, you can sign-up for the TipHaus ETA ™ Program anytime.  You should be able to initiate the sign-up process on the TipHaus platform.  Look for the tab that says, ‘ETA ™ Program’.  Press the ‘Sign Up’ button and you have now begun customer onboarding.

Second, set up your ability to fund tip earnings.  Once you have successfully completed customer onboarding it is time to prepare your ability to fund tip earnings for disbursement to your employees.  With the ETA ™ Program, we create a Tiphaus business checking account that is specifically used to hold your tip funds until they are ready to be disbursed out to each employee enrolled in the ETA ™ Program.  You’ll be prompted to link an external debit card(s) to the ETA ™ Program.  Whenever you are ready to fund your employee’s tip earnings for the day, we’ll use this debit card(s) to pull funds into your Tiphaus business checking account.

Third, as often as you want you can fund and disburse tip earnings to your employees.  You do this by simply going into your TipHaus platform account – confirming the tip calculations are what you approve – press the “Send Tip Earnings” button – and click the button that you authorize the transaction.  And … voila!  At this point, TipHaus will do our money magic and for each employee enrolled in the ETA ™ Program we will put the tip earnings into their hausmoney ™ account.

For a restaurant, signing up for the ETA ™ Program only takes 5 minutes.  For an employee, enrolling in the ETA ™ Program only takes 1-2 minutes.

Whenever a restaurant funds tip earnings through the ETA ™ Program, employees enrolled in the ETA ™ Program should expect same-day funds to be accessible and available to them from their hausmoney ™ Mastercard debit card, virtual card, and app.

Only employees who have completed enrollment into the ETA ™ Program will be disbursed tip earnings into a hausmoney ™ account.

The best four-letter word in the dictionary: FREE!

No problem – adjustments can be made to a previous day’s payout and apply them to the next day’s tip-earnings payout.

To help employees understand when this happens, we always urge employees to leverage our Tiphaus mobile app.  They are able to see each day’s tip earnings and when adjustments have been made.

No, not all employees have to participate in the ETA ™ Program.  However, we haven’t seen anyone yet say they prefer to wait to get their hard-earned money 🙂

A part of the beauty of TipHaus is we have a unique, proprietary tip engine that is always working for you.  With TipHaus, tips are automatically calculated and prepopulated.  Our platform also offers complete customization and the opportunity to fix common, everyday errors.

Honestly, as often as you want!  But, most restaurants do it either at the end of each shift or, at minimum, once daily.

In the event your employee has finished their employment at your restaurant, you can simply remove them from participating in your ETA ™ Program by going into the ‘ETA ™ Program’ tab in your TipHaus platform and designate the employee as ‘Inactive’.

hausmoney ™ is a financial experience specifically curated for tip-earners in the service industry, by TipHaus.  This digital app was created for restaurant professionals by former restaurant professionals and with close consulting of customers and employees across North America.

Our focus is on enabling financial balance and health for the amazing tip-earning community.  Each of our financial products and services, such as hausmoney ™ Card, our hausmoney ™ app, and our checking and savings accounts, complement our vision of financial prosperity for those in the restaurant industry.

Definitely.  They can visit any time to learn more.


Absolutely!  We partner with banks that provide our ability to offer up to $250,000 FDIC insurance on each hausmoney ™ account.

When employees download the hausmoney ™ app and complete customer onboarding, they are issued a hausmoney ™ checking account, hausmoney ™ savings account, and a hausmoney ™ debit card.

hausmoney™ debit card users will be eligible for credit lines and credit building programs after 3-6 months of debit card usage.

All of these accounts can be accessed and managed through the hausmoney ™ app.

No.  Prepaid cards can be predatory and limited, but debit cards can do much more.  This is why with the hausmoney ™ experience tip-earners are issued a virtual and physical hausmoney ™ Mastercard debit card.  And, for added convenience, they can even save their card into their Apple Wallet on their iPhone.

For all employees that complete customer onboarding in the hausmoney ™ app, they will automatically be issued both a physical hausmoney ™ Mastercard debit card and a virtual debit card. The virtual card can be used immediately and the physical card will be shipped within 3 business days.

Credit Card and credit building programs will be available to users of hausmoney™ after 3-6 months of use on the debit program.

Yes!  Because your employees will automatically be issued hausmoney ™ checking and savings accounts, they can switch their payroll checks to be directly deposited into their hausmoney ™ accounts.  In fact, we recommend this so they can experience even more benefit and value from their hausmoney ™ app.

Yes!  Through the hausmoney ™ app, employees can link other personal bank accounts and credit cards to their hausmoney ™ app.  By linking these accounts, they have the freedom to transfer additional money into their hausmoney ™ accounts.

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