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5 Biggest Restaurant News Headlines of 2021… So Far

5 Biggest Restaurant News Headlines of 2021… So Far

The restaurant world is continuously evolving as it adapts to a mid-post pandemic world. From tip sharing and tip pooling to high-tech drive-thru services, some of these changes will be here to stay. With more restaurants offering online services and some shutting their doors for good, these headlines are perhaps the most significant of the year so far.

1. Godiva Closing North American Stores & Cafe’s

By the end of March, 128 Godiva stores, including seven full-service cafes, will be shut down in North America, including every U.S. location. The company, which strives to offer a superior chocolate viewing and tasting experience, has suffered dramatically from in-person shopping decline. Locations in Europe, the Middle East, and China will remain open. The company is letting go of many of their chocolatiers, of which they have nearly 5000, in 100 countries worldwide. The company currently sells products from their website www.godiva.com, and at some drug stores, grocery stores, and some of their retail partners. Shutdowns have been common during the pandemic, so it is best to think of ways to improve your business model. Using tip pooling software is a great place to start.

2. Uber & Uber Eats Acquire Postmates Laying Off Nearly 200 Employees

Uber recently acquired the delivery service Postmates for $2.65 billion in stock, also laying off 180 workers in the process. The layoffs are not too surprising, as UberEats must work out how to properly integrate Postmates services with their current delivery services. Uber hopes to expand their operations and profits out west. UberEats and Postmates will make up the second-largest delivery provider in the USA. Uber has stated that the two entities Uber Eats and Postmates, will remain separate, both with their own app. But, slowly, over the next year, they will begin to combine merchant works and delivery. Customers can expect broader service areas.

As businesses merge and grow, it is essential that they have the right tools to meet their needs. A common need for businesses is figuring out how to fairly distribute tips when dealing with delivery services. Tip management technology will be essential for determining how to calculate tips fairly and automatically.

3.Gregory’s Coffee Chain On The Rise

Gregory’s Coffee chain, founded in 2008 by Gregory Zamfotis in Manhattan, is on the rise. Since founding its first store, near 30 locations have sprung up around New Jersey, Washington, and New York. The chain combines the convenience and fast pace of a Starbucks with the charm and quality roasted beans of a neighborhood coffee shop. They have practices in place to manage a high volume of customers and offer a high-quality coffee program. They are also known for some of their hot sandwiches, including a vegan breakfast sandwich on a dairy-free croissant. Businesses like Gregory’s Coffee require the right systems to manage staff and customers carefully. You can elevate your business and heighten success using systems like tip distribution software and loyalty programs.

4. Applebee’s Launches New Virtual Concept: Cosmic Wings

Partnering with Cheetos, Applebee’s has launched Cosmic Wings; a new online-only store that sells Cheetos-flavored wings and wing sauces, among other finger foods. The flavors and sauces are made explicitly for Cosmic Wings, and some of the products include waffle fries, onion rings, boneless wings, and chicken tenders. 1300 Applebee’s restaurants will be delivering these, nearly all 1728 restaurants in the U.S. Before this launch, Applebee’s dabbled in the wing-specific delivery realm with Neighborhood Wings, but Cosmic Wings builds on this idea and has a broader scope. The company says offering something exclusive, trendy, and online-only has been a game-changer. Some other restaurants are looking to follow in their steps and partner with food brands to sell exclusive products. This is just one of the many ways businesses are navigating the industry amidst a pandemic.

5.Drive-Thrus Are Getting A Futuristic Face-Lift

McDonald’s and some other fast-food restaurants are leveling-up their drive-thrus using artificial intelligence. Mcdonald’s has triggered the trending high-tech concept with a drive-thru location in a Chicago suburb that uses a computer to take orders. Similarly, Chipotle has released Chipotlanes, where customers can order online, drive up to the store, and have the food brought directly to their vehicle. The pandemic has caused a surge in drive-thru sales, fueling the release of smart menu boards, Siri-style assistants, and automatic tip sharing. Using modern systems like tip allocation technology and solutions that adapt to your customer and staff’s needs is critical to staying afloat in a post-pandemic world. Tip management software and other technological solutions are now becoming staples of restaurants and drive-thrus everywhere.

The restaurant industry is evolving and adapting to the new world COVID is creating. From shutdowns and unexpected success to computer-run drive-thrus, these changes mark just the beginning of what customers and restaurant owners can expect to see in the next few years.

If you own a restaurant, it might be time to start thinking of what you can do to improve employee satisfaction and streamline your financial practices like automatic tip sharing. Using tip distribution technology, you can bring your business into the new restaurant world and keep your employees and customers satisfied.

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