Case Studies


TipHaus has exceeded our expectations. GM’s can work less, payroll went from taking 2 days to being only 10-15 minutes. Our employees love it and I love the hands-on support and service TipHaus offers!

What is an unexpected benefit of TipHaus?

I could not imagine resorting back to our old ways of doing things after TH. We’ve saved so much time and money and can trust the information is accurate and fair for our employees. Every employee’s contribution matters and the transparency TipHaus creates, enables us to have honest conversations.

How much easier has payroll gotten?

Payroll is a breeze with TipHaus and we can rely on the data always being accurate.

Monthly time savings?

Payroll went from being a dreaded full two-day process to now only 10 minutes

What’s been your favorite experience with TipHaus?

The support. – Bryce and Garrett have been amazing. – Being very telephone-focused, I’ve loved being able to talk with someone who is invested in us and always willing to help and figure things out. Email isn’t always convenient, and I have really enjoyed knowing someone is there to help make things easier to use.

Monthly financial savings?

We have saved thousands of dollars in manager wages and potentially millions of dollars in legal fees that human error might cause with TH. It’s small in comparison to what we spend on the software. 

Any customer support issues? How were they resolved?

None, everyone is always quick to respond and eager to answer any of my questions. 

How is employee relations and retention since signing up with TipHaus?

Our employees love TH. They know they will always receive a fair share of their tips and now can have more of a work-life balance not having to stay to the end of their checks with the time-of-sale distribution means they can count on receiving their fair share of the tips from each check, and not have to stay late.

What is your restaurant known for?

A cute, friendly community-focused spot where you can grab a taco and drink for less than $20.

What does every guest need to try on their first visit?

The Coliflor Fundido. It’s made with Cauliflower, Queso Oaxaca, Milliken Farms Shishito Peppers. –– It’s fresh doesn’t bog you down or feel heavy!

Anything else you think is important for people to know about your concept(s)?

Chulita is a small business that is very diverse. Women, Minority, Black, and LBTQ, owned and operated and love representing themselves and how diverse they are.

Chulita, a Venice staple mere blocks from the beach, recently made the switch to TipHaus to save days of manager’s time on payroll. Now they have more time to serve their famous Coliflor Fundido, lucky you!