Case Studies

Firebirds Wood Fired Grill

Firebirds Wood Fired Grill, spanning 55 locations with an average of 40 employees each, caters to a diverse range of dining experiences, from full service to high-scale dining. In an interview with Cory Lilliston, Chief Accounting Officer at Firebirds, we explore the impactful journey of TipHaus, shedding light on how it streamlined operations, cut costs, and enhanced employee satisfaction.


What is an unexpected benefit of TipHaus?

According to Cory Lilliston, the platform is extremely easy to use and implement, featuring a clean and simple interface. The direct and quick access to distribution information has streamlined operations, and the platform has contributed to significant savings on bank fees.

How much easier has payroll gotten?

The process of distributing tips has become notably faster, resulting in positive feedback from staff responsible for reconciling these payments. Management rates the improvement at a remarkable 10/10.

Monthly time savings?

Across the 55 Firebirds locations, the monthly time savings are estimated at 15 minutes per day per manager. This totals to approximately 8 hours of time saved per month for all locations.

Monthly financial savings?

The estimated value of time saved per month is around $5,000, which is equivalent to the cost savings associated with three full-time employees.

Any customer support issues? How were they resolved?

No issues whatsoever. The customer service has been excellent. The CS team is extremely knowledgeable and offered world-class change management during the onboarding and implementation process.

How is employee relations and retention since signing up with TipHaus?

Employees who earn tips are very pleased with the functionality and advantages of the platform. They love the digital nature vs. holding cash. Overall, everyone is really pleased with the experience.