Case Studies

Kerbey Lane

TipHaus can actually handle the tip logic we have always wanted to use at our locations. It’s more fair to our employees, and we can easily adjust and create rules on the fly. It’s as easy as TipHaus advertises, we save at least 70 hours per month across our locations.

What is an unexpected benefit of TipHaus?

Tiphaus makes it a breeze to pay our employees. It’s as easy as just exporting the data into a .csv and uploading it to our payroll system. I could not imagine going back to the old ways of doing things, TH creates the fairness we have always wanted and allows us to create or adjust rules on the fly. The time of sale and minute by minute distribution allow us not to be restricted by shifts unlike other software.

Monthly time savings?

We are saving almost a whole day’s of work at each of our locations and each of our GMs are working less to calculate tips. 

Any customer support issues? How were they resolved?

TH responded immediately on the one instance where we had an issue.

What is your restaurant known for?

 Our restaurant is known as an Austin icon and offers something for everyone.

What does every guest need to try on their first visit?

Every guest raves about our pancakes and our queso. If you want a more unique dish, our Eggs Francisco is also wildly popular.

Anything else you think is important for people to know about your concept(s)?

We have been open for 43 years and a community staple. We offer great quality, healthy food for a good price point. When they started people couldn’t go to a restaurant and find vine ripe tomatoes etc. Wholefoods started in Austin at around the same time – same mentality. Farm to table pioneer. Family Owned to this day and still growing.