Case Studies

Richard DeShantz Restaurant Group

The Richard DeShantz Restaurant Group, a renowned and diverse collection of dining establishments, has significantly improved its operational efficiency through the implementation of TipHaus, a tip and payroll management software. This case study presents insights from an interview with Brian Boehm, a key figure at the organization, shedding light on the unexpected benefits and substantial improvements experienced since integrating TipHaus into their daily operations.


The Richard DeShantz Restaurant Group comprises a range of restaurant types, including fine dining, social, and quick service establishments. With varying restaurant sizes, typically employing between 30 to 90 individuals, the Group sought a solution to streamline tip and payroll management, ensuring operational accuracy and time efficiency across this diverse portfolio.

What is an unexpected benefit of TipHaus?

An unexpected benefit of TipHaus is its extreme ease of use and implementation, allowing users to set up rules and eliminate concerns about human error. This ease of use extends to both management and employees, making the transition to the new system seamless and efficient.

How much easier has payroll gotten?

Payroll has become substantially easier with TipHaus. The system’s automation and accuracy is extremely dependable so we rarely ever have to spend time working through tips. It has saved the staff a ton of time.

Monthly time savings?

TipHaus saves 30 minutes per day for each manager across nine locations, so 4.5 hours daily. This translates into 135 hours of saved time per month collectively. This additional time allows managers to focus on improving productivity and decision-making.


Monthly financial savings?

It’s challenging to quantify the exact financial savings, however the time savings is of very high value. This value can be seen not only in terms of reduced labor costs but also in avoiding costly payroll errors and potential legal consequences. 

How is employee relations and retention since signing up with TipHaus?

Employees are more engaged and retention has improved.  They like transparency and accuracy.  It has helped them focus more on sales and client satisfaction since they have one less big thing to worry about.


Key Takeaways 

    • Ease of Use and Error Elimination: TipHaus simplifies setup and reduces concerns about human error.

    • Streamlined Payroll: Processes are more efficient, saving 30 minutes per day for each of 9 managers, totaling 4.5 hours daily.

    • Efficient Customer Support: No reported issues, indicating a robust and user-friendly system.

  • Enhanced Employee Engagement: TipHaus improves transparency, positively impacting relations and retention.