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Top 4 Ways to Personalize the Takeaway Dining Experience

Top 4 Ways to Personalize the Takeaway Dining Experience

The longstanding effects of the pandemic have cost a lot of couples, friends, and families the enjoyment of the full in-person dining experience. Date nights, family get-togethers and buffets have been shelved in the name of fulfilling protocols with everyone now encouraged to do takeout via Skip The Dishes, Uber Eats or similar ways.

Among the things that have had to be sacrificed for the greater good is the personalization of the dining experience. It’s easy for restaurants to cater to in-person experiences, whether by changing the TV to the big game that’s on television or providing special music for the couple looking to spice up the mood during their night out. With takeaway dining, it’s considerably trickier. The experience isn’t as intimate, and a lot of amenities are taken out of the equation.

However, that doesn’t mean your restaurant can’t flip the script and revolutionize how customers enjoy their takeaway dining. Here are some things to consider the next time you serve takeout so people enjoy themselves as they get their food.

Add a Musical Touch With Interactive Elements

One thing that everyone can establish a good connection with is music. Background music is one of the best ways to personalize the dining experience, helping people to enjoy their meals while adding a bit of emotion and fun to the experience. Especially for Gen Z consumers who are more social media savvy than any previous generation, adding music to the takeaway dining experience would do a lot to build up the experience while they’re waiting for their meals.

To reach a new generation of consumers, you have to grab their attention with things that they can relate to. Music is an automatic go-to. Some restaurants have used technology that played amplified music via interactive tables. These tables are equipped with multi-touch technology including hand recognition and touch sensors. Users can also surf on social media while they wait and play their favourite songs. Interactive tables are relatively inexpensive and have been selling more on the open market. So while their food is being prepared, why not have them relax at a table and make the waiting experience worthwhile?

Use Built-In Technology For Orders

Another way to keep the takeaway dining experience more interactive is by encouraging customers to use built-in technology when they make their orders. More customers are yearning for highly-targeted dining experiences, encouraging them to order what they want exactly how they want it.

Some establishments have partnered with painters to use Microsoft Paint-type tools to color what they want on their food. You can have customers design their pizzas, pasta, or any other type of food the way they want it so it’s customized to their tastes and aesthetic needs. You can also provide nameplates for customers if the time in question is a special one for the consumers who are ordering. It adds a nice touch and shows how much your restaurant values customer service.

Add Mix-and-Match Menu Options

Another option restaurants should look into is including accompanying food and drink items with each order; a more-for-less tactic that could prove beneficial for diners who are daring, yet conscious about their budgets. For customers who wish they could sample everything on the menu but have sense proverbially slapped into them by their wallets, restaurants can address these desires by introducing mix-and-match menus.

These mix-and-match items can be embedded within a fixed-price menu. Restaurants like Applebee’s have introduced 2 for $20 offerings where people can choose two entrees with an appetizer of their choosing like spring rolls or onion rings. This will make the takeaway experience worthwhile as customers love it when they can get bonus items without having to spend extra for them. Another option is to introduce a promotion where you can include a free dessert with entrees. Who doesn’t like a good sugar rush after a good meal, right?

Encourage Customers To Build Their Meals

You can bring out your inner artisan by encouraging customers to customize their meals, like building their burgers from scratch using a variety of ingredients. This level of personalization hasn’t been seen much in restaurants, but it’s a good route to take. Make the takeaway process more fun so people aren’t just stating their orders, they’re making them in any style they want.

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